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Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

My dad and I will be rowing to make a difference to the lives of people touched by mental illness and suicide!  We have set ourselves a target to row 277km in October. Why 277kms? Because on average, 277 people die from suicide every month in Australia – a solemn statistic that I’m sure would inspire us all to do our part and help make a difference

We're fundraising to raise money for life-changing research into treatment and prevention of mental illness, as well as vital support services. 

It would mean so much to us if you'd support our rowing this October - even a word of encouragement through the month as we think we've set ourselves a fairly ambitious target.

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Carroll Family

Great work Paul and Erin we are with you all the way ❤️ The Carrolls


Claire Ewart-Kennedy

Well done Erin and Paul. Our lovely community knows too well the pain of suicide. Please row your heart out in memory of the lovely Mandy and my darling brother Patrick - both lost way too soon and if only they knew of the devestation behind things would have been so different. Go you good things Claire, Alistair, Lachlan, Amelia and fergus


Cheryl Clavan

Excellent cause, well done Erin and Paul


Will Hilton

Love ya work sniff


Patel crew

Awesome duo Erin and Paul🙌💓


Cate White

Well done Erin!



Good luck Erin!




Roy Mcnab

Amazing work by you, Erin and Paul. Great cause and I know you will kill it. Paul’s bound to awaken the ideology of the German band Accept and go as “Fast as a Shark”. Great stuff Hilton fam!


Melissa and John Hilton

Amazing Erin, such a great cause.


Annie Campbell

Good luck with reaching your fundraising target Erin, Hiltz great job in supporting Erin.


Kylie Ross

Nice work Erin & Paul, a very important cause x


Anisha Pillay

Good on you Erin !


alice bohun


Rowell family ?

Well done Erin, hope Your dad can keep up with you 😉


Jane Ermer

Love your work Erin!


Helen McIntosh


Oliver Simpson

Love the work Erin, keep it up. I'm sure this will impress the next Richard. From Simmo


Cleo Daniels


Grandma and Grandpa

Go Erin!! We're so very proud of what you're doing


Romy Taylor

This is fantastic stuff guys, you’ll smash it!! 🤟🏽💪🤍❤️


Lucy Hilton


Lauren Dyer

Great cause Erin, affects so many people. Make dad work hard. I presume mum is looking after the crew


Sarah Grummitt

Great cause. Proud of your achievements Erin.


Sarah Rhodes


Jamie Sinicco

You got this Erin and Paul. Proud of u guys ❤️❤️


Josh Clavan

Big ups family <33


Cathy J

Congratulations Erin


stella matthews

Go Erin !


Grandma and Grandpa

We're very proud of your efforts. Well done


Lily Ritson

Amazing job Erin


Tommy Porrett

good stuff erin 👍