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My walk is dedicated to the memory of Mark Dawson

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Support My Walk - Lets Talk Mental Health & Suicide Prevention!

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die by suicide.

I can tell  you, I've dealt with both and those numbers are FAR TOO HIGH!

Mental illness has sat me on my arse at times as well as having a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

I'm one of the lucky ones, who has fought hard & had the right people at the right time, nearly always, to be the shoulder to cry on & ultimately, keep me  on a better path. 

This October, I’ll be taking part in One Foot Forward to show people living with mental illness that they are not alone. I'm here, our team is here & the many who truly know how important this is for the communitty in general are all speaking up to help as many prople as possible not succumb to the black dog!. 

I'm walking to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute to support crucial mental health research and support services to help Australians impacted by mental illness and suicide.

It would mean so much to me if you'd support my walk this October. The money is important to assist with crucial services, but what means the most to me is seeing people instigate conversations in both ways. For those being reached out to, make those you care about comfortable enough to lean on you, and meet that lean with compassion & support. Sometimes all that is needed is an ear!

Together, we can create a mentally healthier world, for everyone. It starts by talking and knowing that there is ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY!!


My Updates

Fathers Day is a Rough One!

As I sit at the end of the day for fathers day 2022, I feel sad and a pain that will never leave me for my dad not being around not to mention the way he left us.

You see, for all the good that has come and will continue to come from the resolve I have found within myself due to my dads passing, the truth is that his pain lasts on on all those who loved him and even those who love him but never met him. 

Day to day, the resolve wins out, but at special moments, days, dates etc it is very difficult to ignore the pain that lingers. 

My words today are directed to those who are hurting. After 21 shitty fathers days, I understand this...... . 

The reason that pain lingers is because even though he released himself from his own pain, that release bestowed a pain like no other on those who loved him and those who would miss out on loving him. 

His pain was simply transferred to us. 

The message is simple. 

If your hurting, talk to someone and get help. If not for yourself, then for those you love and those who love you. The way that hurt will amplify and linger if you take your own life is astonishing and not something I would wish upon anyone. 

There is always another way, there is always another option and there is always people who love you. 

I've heard this saying a few times, suicide is a permanent a temporary problem.

Its so true and taking one's life is so unnecessary. 

I'll close with my advice on this....... 

Let those who love you help you heal your pain over however much time it takes rather than them carry yours for all of time.

I wish everyone the strength to always find another way.


Happy Birthday Dad

On the 18th Of August, it is my dads birthday. He would have been 58 this year! Lets think about this for a minute. He took his own life when he was 37. yes just 37! 

20 (21 technically) Fucking years since I have heard his voice, shook his hand or talk shit about bikes. 

But heres the thing. For many of those 20 years i dwelled and tormented myself as I felt guilty to be happy. This resulted in a long fight with depression that I now feel I am on top of. But for many years I carried a pain like it was my duty.

The reality is, he doesnt want me to feel like that. So I worked damn hard to turn my mindset around, started looking forward instead of backwards & only investing energy in aspets of life that I can somewhat manage, influence or control. 

The Message is this, if you have battles over past traumas,  many of us do and for me, I had to let it go & focus on where I wanted to to be, not on what I cannot change. I still hurt, but it doesnt dictate my happiness! 

1% improvement a day or 1% a week and you will be amazed at what you can acheive.  

There is alwasy another way and even on the bad days, life is sitll pretty awesome. 

All i know is that I would give up just about anything for 5 mins with this guy and that option has been well and truly taken away so please avoid the same within your own circles of family and firends. 

Happy Birthday MD01 - we miss you and hope you can see all the good we are trying to make of your pain.

Look after each other people!!!   

Why I'm here!

Hi, My names Luke & my life has been seriously impacted by mental health challenges including suicide in various ways, not least of all losing my dad when he was 37. 

First off, I want to Say a massive thanks to Kate Benjamin for inviting me to be a part of the Walk for Mental Health as I am very passionate about this cause. I am honoured to do "This One For The Dads!"  

For me, I am super busy so the best thing for my mental health is Riding motorbikes, mountain bikes & training in the gym whilst activily working on my mindset. These activities keep me in a good place. 

Motorbikes are something my dad & I both have a huge love for. Every time I ride I feel like he is watching & smiling which makes me happy, although its never quite the same, is it?  

I have strong motivation to overcome any challenges that come my which I feel stems mostly from losing my dad when I was just 18. I'll share some more details about his story later, but I can say, the sadness & effects of my dads passing have now extended to my children, who came along almost 15 years later.  

Thankfully, I have shared my story with many & found this to have a positive impact for both others & myself, so for me, its all about breaking the stigmas & talking it out whilst understanding we need to raise awareness & funds to provide multiple lines of support for those who need it.  

So we're going to build a mad team of similarly passionate people, then we're going to walk, train, ride & most importantly TALK our way through the next few months to ensure more dads, brothers, sisters, mums, aunties, uncles & mates know that there is ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY!!!. 

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He's be very proud of his son brother. Men need so much support we don't get. Stoked to help out.


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You are amazing Luke!! What a great cause!!! I love how passionate and open you are about your journey, you are always checking in and caring about others, your Dad would be so proud! Thanks for always cheering me on. Means a lot❤️


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Your strength is something that should be admired!! Stay strong you are AMAZING


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Mate, we have known each other for a short time. But I read your story and hope with each donation, you get to your goal. It's a dark issue that needs all the help it can, to bring light.


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Good luck Luke, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that ,unfortunately it happened to a young family I know of last year 😢





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