Alistair McKie

Support My Walk for Mental Health Research

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die from suicide.

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

This October, I’ll be walking to make a difference to the lives of people touched by mental illness and suicide!

I'm fundraising to raise money for life-changing research into treatment and prevention of mental illness, as well as vital support services. 

It would mean so much to me if you'd support my walk this October.

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Good luck 👍🏻👍🏻


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Well done bro! Hope you kill it 👏🙌


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Well done Ali. A beautiful cause. Soph x



Kill it brother - proud of what you're doing and the awareness you are bringing to such an important cause.


Alistair Mckie


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You're a good fella Ali. The world is richer with mates like you in it. Keep up the good work brother. Rip in and go hard mate!


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Love your work Mr McKie



Awesome work Ali, happy to support such a great message. Good luck! Xx