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My walk is dedicated to the memory of my dad Derek Maier

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Running for mental health - in memory of my dad, Derek Maier.

Hey everyone - let's convert the loss of my old man into a WIN for mental health.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

This October, I’ll be taking part in One Foot Forward to show people living with mental illness that they are not alone.

I'm running to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute to support crucial mental health research and support services to help Australians impacted by mental illness and suicide.

It would mean so much to me if you'd support my run this October.

My Updates

New goal

I've increased my distance goal 1.7 times in line with how much we exceeded the fundraising target. New aim is to run 170km across October... First run tomorrow..(!)

Lake Galena

Back in PA this over the weekend to reflect on Dad's life. Took the opportunity to catch up with a great friend and run around Lake Galena at Peace Valley Park. We missed the turnoff where we parked the car and ended up putting in an extra mile! Just over 7mi (11km) in total. Good prep for October. We stopped at the boat launch site where Dad kept his day sailer. Lots of great times (blurred into a single unfixed memory) on the Lake together. Thanks again for your support. Updated distance goal TBC on 30 Sept.

It's a challenge, not a limit.

What an absolute joy it is to wake up this morning and see that we've smashed the AUD1958 goal for this fundraising effort.

Sponsors, I'm looking forward to sharing my runs and reflections, and more photos of Dad, with you over the month of October.

In Tasmania in the late 2000s, the State government ran a road safety campaign in relation to speeding. The slogan was "it's a limit, not a challenge". 

My fundraising goal was a challenge, not a limit. I encourage anyone who wants to give $$ to support the mental health research and advocacy initiatives of the Black Dog Institute – don't be deterred because we met the target; keep it coming!

Now for my side of the bargain – for all donations received beyond the target, I'll increase my target running distance proportionally (soon-to-be-famous last words?).

OK then.

More than $500 in a half hour (UNREAL)!

Congratulations - You've unlocked another photo of the man with the moustache and signature sunglasses chord.

Cool fact: The fundraising goal is Dad's year of birth!

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors



Takin' care of business!


Annsi Stephano

Thinking of you with love, Mamou


Michael Stephano

Love you.



Amazing photos! All the best!


Karen (kim) Helland Tate

So happy to donate in the memory your dad. What a great guy. He’d be So proud of you and all of his children. Thank you for doing this


Biff Maier & Therese Hattemer

Good on you, Colin! See you soon with love and memories.


Maren Ward

Sending love Colin.


Kim Heap


Jill Maier

Love it, Colin!!


Alexandra Warren

I'll be running with you in spirit.


Annie Blasko And Family

Sending so much love to you and your family and good luck on this challenge!


Larry Herz


Kathy & Bob


Georgia Smith


Simon French

Hat off to you mate. Here's to a successful run, and don't forget the Vaseline or the chaffing might win 😉




Laura Young


Jeanie Maier

This warms my heart. Air hugs to Derek and you. Can’t wait to give you a real one. 💞


Sarah And Simon Jones

Good luck on the run Colin. Great cause.


Matt J

Good luck, what a great way to honour your dad. Thinking of you and your family. Cheers,



Thank you, and much love to you and your family, Colin


Charlotte Anne Heim

A worthy cause! We know your dad through Biff and met him a few years ago when he came to a Thanksgiving party at our house.


Matt And Jade Greene

Happy to support you and the cause. Best of luck with the journey and the run.


Nathan Morley


Kai Helland Mulford

Colin, Your dad was the ultimate cousin- always funny, warm, generous, and kind (even to the bratty youngest of the bunch!!) I send you and your siblings my deepest condolences.


David Slotterback & Ruben Mosqueda

Hi Colin. We are so sorry to hear about your dad's passing. Your aunts Jill and Jeanie are like sisters to my husband (Ruben Mosqueda) and me. We love them so much. I have heard Jill brag often of you and met Derek and orher family membrrs on a few occasions. God bless you Colin.


Matt And Maddie




Jamie Smith


Glen Fisher

Well done Colin. Thoughts are with you and your family.


Carolyn Elizabeth Laquer

Sorry for your loss... Look up to you for doing this. Best to you and your fam ♥️


Nicole Schomp Jones


Maryellen (mea) Andreasen

Your dad was a very old family friend who never failed to greet me with the biggest smile and best hug ever. He will be so missed.


Erin B


Jennifer Pollock


Emma Cotterill

Good on you, Colin - such an important cause!


Tracey Bryan


Tom Shepherd

Great work Colin.