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tw: mental health/suicide 

Like many Australians, mental illness and suicide are themes that have shaped my adolescence. Through witnessing the experiences of my friends and family, to struggling through my own mental health journey, I developed a deep passion for improving mental health and bringing awareness to mental illness. 

As such, alongside my studies and work in psychology, MQ Swifties was born: Macquarie University's student group for all things Taylor Swift. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, social isolation was rife. As an older student who had previously studied on campus, I was shocked to hear the experiences of younger students who had studied for up to two years online, with no face-to-face teaching. As a result, I took it upon myself to do what I could to make a positive impact: creating a welcoming, inclusive, and positive community for members to feel a sense of belonging and social support. The group began as a small Messenger chat in September 2021, became affiliated with Macquarie University on June 30 2022, and now stands proudly among Macquarie University's many student groups. 

Today, MQ Swifties has almost 400 members, and a full executive committee of 10 motivated young people. We are dedicated to maintaining an inclusive and optimistic society, and are passionate about using our platform for good. 

Please help MQ Swifties to support the Black Dog Institute as they conduct further essential research into mental health. 

This August I'm giving up alcohol, before commencing my walking challenge in October.


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Black Dog Institute is a truly great cause


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Proud of you and Ryan!!!


Fiona Wylie

here's a donation from the president to sTart us off. i can't wait to use tHe beautIful, inclusive and optimistic platform that the team has cReated To hElp a good causE. i'm so proud of each and every oNe of you.


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Well done Fi!!


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