Kayla Camilleri

Support My Walk for Mental Health Research

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die from suicide.

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

This October, I’ll be walking to make a difference to the lives of people touched by mental illness and suicide!

I'm fundraising to raise money for life-changing research into treatment and prevention of mental illness, as well as vital support services. 

It would mean so much to me if you'd support my walk this October.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nick Trajcevski

Well done




Ray&jett Saliba

Congratulations on the amazing work you’re doing


Leeann Ciantar



Maria & Frank Bombaci

Good luck x


Emmanual Cilia

Good luck Kayla God Bless you xx


Anthony Camilleri

Well done Kayla I’m proud of you!!


David Lisolajski


Grace Wen

Go Kayla!


Chris Camilleri

F**k depression and anxiety


Lino & Antoinette Camilleri



Christine Iliaskos

Luv u honey , such a gorgeous intelligent and resilient young lady inside snd out , so proud of you , lots of luv from Iliaskos family xox


Micheal & Samantha

Supporting you to the moon and back Kayla! Love Samantha & Micheal xoxo


Steve, Tash, Thomas & Luca

This is so awesome Kayla! We’ll done xx


Rob Huntington

Fantastic work, Kayla!


Laverne Mina

Now and always... thanks for doing this


Lauren Bombaci

This is amazing Kayla, well done!! 🤍


Carol Orlovic

What a wonderful cause. Well done Kayla!


Cheryl Rosario

Well done Kayla. Such a worth cause.


Dale, Di, Jas & Liv Marshall

You are a legend Kayla!


Nanna Georgia And Nannu George

Well done Kayla , we are so proud of you.


Teta Mona Mina

Well done Kayla , I am very proud of you.


Rachel Russell

Well done Kayla!


Antonella Di Stefano

Well done Kayla, Happy to support a great cause and all the very best with reaching your goal.


Fiona Branford

Awesome work Kayla!


Chris Edmonds

well done Kayla for organising this for the Overnewton community.


Jen Doan

Good luck Kayla. Super proud of all your hard work and dedication to a fantastic cause. It's also amazing to speak out and educate others.




Kathryn Tavcar

hi gf your doing amazing things xxxx


Jemma Baulch


Sasha Koomen

Kayla you are a super star! A cause very close to my heart. Very proud to be one of your teachers.


Elizabeth Edwards

Well done Kayla.


Tracy Psichogios

Well done Kayla!!!


Tanya & Lucas Wintels

A wonderful cause Kayla! Good luck 🍀


Manion Family

Great cause Kayla! Best of luck -Manion family ❤️❤️


Leesa Cilia

You are awesome, Kayla! Xxx


Nick Vlass

Proud! ❤️


Seline Mehmet


Harrison Grech

Thanks, Kayla, for helping the people feeling sad. This is from my birthday money. $15 is going to the poor kids, $14 for you and $1 for my money box to save for a house.


Chloe Zammit


Ignatius Polis

Well done!


Sienna Costanzo

you are an inspiration ❤️


Christian Latomanski


Katia Zuk