Maryanne Nairn

Support My Walk for Mental Health Research

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die from suicide.

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

This October, I’ll be walking to make a difference to the lives of people touched by mental illness and suicide!

I'm fundraising to raise money for life-changing research into treatment and prevention of mental illness, as well as vital support services. 

It would mean so much to me if you'd support my walk this October.

My Updates

A little interruption to our training

Monday 13th Sep
Dear Shadow was desexed last Friday, so for the next fortnight we are having to take things quietly - taking things quietly is definitely harder for her than me!
So we will be back to walk updates soon! And Shadow is keen to remove the cone from her head and is extremely embarrassed about photos being taken of her in this state (I just had to post one)!

A morning walk

Monday 6th Sep
Yesterday Shadow and I made an early start and walked along the Goldfields track in a north-east direction towards Faraday.  We turned back just before the Calder Freeway and returned with a few deviations including to the fast flowing waterfalls at the Res.  Lachlan loved going there.  He would have been in his element with the amount of water rushing over the rocks.  I thought of him a lot.  We had peaceful happy times there.  Much of this walk Lachlan and I had travelled together.  We explored the Welsh village and so many abandoned mines.  He was such good company.

The walk was hilly and rocky and we covered 18km.  When we got home we both had a nap.  Shadow then got her second wind.  She amazes me!

A training hike

Saturday 28th Aug
Yesterday Shadow and I walked to Spring Gully mines and back, walking up Monk hill and meandering through beautiful green bush land with a big variety of flowers. The Bush is such a healing place to be. 

Walking in October

Wednesday 25th Aug
This October I hope to walk the entire goldfields track, from south of Ballarat to Bendigo.  It is approximately 215km.  I would like to do the entire walk in one go, but if still in lockdown, I will just walk parts of the goldfields track close to home and create circuits ensuring that I cover my 200km pledged distance.  
Lachlan and I planned to do the Goldfields track walk one day. In fact, we had already done several walks along the goldfields track locally, up Mount Alexander, near Vaughan Springs, and in the Castlemaine and Chewton diggings National Heritage parks.  
A few days ago, Shadow and I did our first overnight hike together, in training for our walks to come.  It was sure cosy in my lightweight hiking 2 man tent with her, but she was such a good dog.  She does talk in her sleep, and had no idea about keeping to her bed boundaries (she even nudged me out of the way at times), but she was really great on the whole! In the picture you can see her hiding behind the old burnt tree stump.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jim & Sarah

You're an inspiration Maryanne


Liz Rule

You did your best. Never forget that


Jan And Alberto Rizzo

We have the dearest memories of you and Lachlan and are so proud of you Maryanne for doing this walk and raising funds for such a worthy cause - and with wonderful Shadow as your companion. When you see the first star at night from your campsite that will be Lachlan watching over you. Sending hugs and love from both of us, Jan and Alberto




Annabel Butler

Dearest Maryanne, What a wonderful way to support the incredible work of the Black Dog Institute and to honour Lachlan. My thoughts are with you. May you continue to find solace in the beautiful bush and feel Lachlan with you.


Paula Piccinini

You have taken me along parts of the track and it is beautiful. Enjoy your time in nature. Take care, much love, Paula



Your courage is an inspiration, Maryanne . Go well , my friend .


Rachel Lacey

Such a great idea both as a tribute and to raise funds for such an important issue. Lachlan will be with you every step of the way. xx


Jo Oconnor

Hi Maryanne, I remember you and Lachlan with affection as our car support on the Otways walk with KC & Co. I hope I can join you for a leg of your walk with my friends from our small local Castlemaine walking group! Love & best wishes Jo xx


Kathleen Crowley

Maryanne, looking forward to (hopefully) walking some of this track with you. What an amazing person you are. Thinking of you and Lachlan, xxx KC


Rita Handley

Wings to you.




Alison & Matt Taylor

Sending ❤️ and 🤗


Nicole Frankel

All of my love. Nikki


Hetty Sander

Sending lots of love


Hayley Mackay

We love you Maryanne.


Steven M


Hayley Rivers

We are with you every step of the way. Xx





Catherine Johnson

Bravo Maryanne. You are creating a beautiful legacy in Lachlan’s honour xo



You're amazing Maryanne, I'm very proud to call you my friend




Rachel Stewart

This is great Maryanne, and I’m happy to walk with you part of the way if you’d like some company! Xx


Caroline P

Go Maryanne, all strength to you xx



Happy to support you and this cause. What a wonderful positive thing to be doing. And a pretty challenging task. Awesome. Sending you lots of love.



Much Love 🙏🏼❤️🌀


Kerrie & Laura Elliott

Thinking of you


Miranda Frankel

Dearest Maryanne, Sending you love and support for your walk. It was very special to see the photo of you and Lachlan, I think of you both a lot. Lots of Love, Miranda


Deb Collard

you are incredible Maryanne and wishing you every success and happiness Xx


Darron Davies



Sending lots of love Maryanne xxx



Take care and look after your self



You are an inspiration, such a great cause xx


Sue Smith

It’s really heartening to read about your walks Maryanne. My heart is with you - you are full of courage. Sue xx







Sue Purtell

Dear Maryanne, what a wonderful thing to do. Sending you much love, strength and peace 💕💕


Rebecca Brown

Supporting such a wonderful cause in memory of a wonderful young man. I’m proud of you and your resilience Aunty Maryanne. All my love


Rosoe Critchley

Very happy to support. All the best. X


Georgia Marr

Lots of love to you =)