Your Impact

You're helping create a mentally healthier world, for everyone.

By taking part in One Foot Forward and raising funds, you are helping the 1 in 5 Australians who experience symptoms of mental illness every year.

You're helping to connect research answers, expert knowledge and the voices of people who have experienced mental ill-health to deliver solutions that work.

The money you raise is being used to create real-world impact in these four key areas:


Helping young people overcome sleep difficulties to prevent depression and anxiety.

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Preparing our community presenters to talk about mental health and where to find support to reach schools and communities.

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Training teachers to
support students stuggling with anxiety in schools to
help reduce the impact of
mental illness.

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Supporting research, running clinical trials and developing policy recommendations
to reform mental health

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About the Black Dog Institute

Black Dog Institute is celebrating 20 years of impact in mental health research. Over that time, we’ve expanded from treating and researching mood disorders to becoming leaders in suicide prevention, digital mental health, workplace mental health, new treatments, and early intervention to help young people.

Black Dog Institute is the only medical research institute in Australia to investigate mental health across the lifespan. Black Dog Institute is driven to support that 60% of the community who would not ordinarily seek help and we do that through Science, Compassion and Action.

The need for support.

Unfortunately, less than half of all people in Australia experiencing symptoms of mental illness will not seek professional help – often with tragic consequences.

In fact, suicide is the leading cause of death in people aged 15-44 years.

As a community, we need to come together to show those living with mental illness that they’re not alone and help fund crucial mental health research.

Join us in solidarity and put One Foot Forward this October for mental health.

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