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October is Mental Health Month

Join us to walk, run or roll in solidarity for the 1 in 5 Australians who experience a mental illness each year.

Together, we can show them they are not alone.

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Walk, run or roll and log your kms throughout October for Mental Health Month.

Walking Together. Standing Together. Stronger Together.

 2,437 people walking in solidarity

$83,065 raised for mental health

Mental Health stats in Australia

1 in 5

Australians experience a mental illness each year


people in Australia die by suicide every day


of people living with mental illness will not seek professional help

Let's show people with mental illness that we're in this together.
Funds raised will help Black Dog Institute put ground-breaking new mental health treatment, education and digital services into the hands of the people who need them most.

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Paul Rudd takes part in One Foot Forward every year:

"I went through a bad patch with my mental health when I hurt my back and I needed a lot of time off to recover. I had limited mobility, so I started to lose contact with the outside world. Then I lost interest in doing anything at all. My mind just clouded all positive thoughts.

It took me two years to rebuild myself. So when I heard about One Foot Forward I decided to take part. I wanted to connect with other people who had been through something similar.

“The community is a big, supportive family.”

To anyone thinking about taking part in One Foot Forward, I say ‘Do it!’. You get to enjoy the fresh air and get your blood moving. It’s also a fun community thing. Above all, it helps raise funds and awareness that help is out there if you need support for your mental health.”

Register now and join Paul in One Foot Forward 2024.

Solidarity Wall

Angela Lyon

I’m walking in solidarity this October for Australians affected by mental illness and suicide. You are not alone.

Alana Lansdell

I’m walking in solidarity this October for myself and for other Australians affected by mental illness and suicide. You are not alone. We are not alone.


Mental health can be such a challenging time for anyone. Treatment, recovery and reattachment to society and surroundings. I’m walking in solidarity this October for Australians affected by mental illness and suicide. You are not alone. My experience started in 2014 with schizophrenia and onto post natal psychosis in 2017. Terrifying and scary but with services like this one throughout treatment and recovery your voice can be heard and help can be given. You are not alone you got this xx


I’m walking in solidarity this October for Australians affected by mental illness and suicide. You are not alone.

Peter Langston A tribute for MBDI & Mental Health Professionals

I’m walking to help others because I was helped and held and nudged and encouraged. My wife Susan wouldn’t let me go. No lioness has ever roared loader or bared her teeth or fought off enemies with more determination than Sue … and for the simple reason that she loves me. My brother filled any gaps in Sue’s work and was an iron rod to my jelly spine. He hugged even when it was messy. My kids managed when I went missing and were still there when I came back despite the damage. I had a string of great GP’s - Andy Croaker, John Pearson and David Lockart. My psychologists have been crucial, understanding that if I can vocalise, I can resolve. They let me talk and talk. Especially Kim Kilpatrick, who was always there to hand me missing pieces of my puzzle. I only had one dud shrink, but not Hal Sinott, who diagnosed bipolar and not Mark Rowe who added anxiety and managed meds sensitively (this despite being a Maroons supporter). Friends such as Andrew Davis, Barry Everingham, John Hildred, Peter Quirk and Claude Orenstein were brilliant and others like Errol Ingram, Tony Bennett and Roger Sattler stepped up when I needed them. In-laws Judy Saunders and Mandy Gibbens, even when they didn’t understand, supported me anyhow. There were many others - like my old Waratahs Armidale cricket mates - who cheered me on the good days and consoled me on the bad. I’m a luck bugger to survive but I intend to keep resetting every sunrise and remembering the rich vein of humanity which has nourished me.

Natalie Thomas

Thankyou everyone for supporting me in my walk and fundraising for mental health this past month. Although I didn’t reach my goals this year due to issues out of my control, I’m pretty pleased with the efforts and will try and catch them up next year. I love this foundation and hopefully we have all saved a few more lives ❤️🐕‍🦺🐾 👟👟, congratulations to everyone, Stellar effort 💫


I’m walking in solidarity this October for AustraliansHi to everyone out there, I thought I'd share a bit more about my story with you. And why I feel awesome about walking 122 kms till now, with the rest of the month to go... You see it's not only my mental health that prevents me from going out my front door. I'm also a stroke survaver, left with a weak left side, I walk with a limpe. I need to watch my step as my balance is also affected. My so called good leg the right one, is worse than my left. After so many years overusing it I'm waiting to have surgery of my foot... I won't go on any more, but when I put all of me together, it's unreal how much I've been able to push myself. To walk every day this month no matter what or how I feel, for Awareness and Support Mental Health. And Still Going Strong 👍👍👍 I also wanted to THANK EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME with YOUR DONATIONS. THANKS GUY'S affected by mental illness and suicide. You are not alone.

Shell A tribute for Amy my good mate taken to young

I’m walking in solidarity this October for Australians affected by mental illness and suicide. You are not alone.