One Foot Forward:

In Your Workplace


October is Mental Health Month.

Get your workplace walking this October for Australians
living with mental illness.

Get Your Workplace Moving For
Mental Health This October

One Foot Forward is the perfect way to keep your office energised, moving, and connected, while raising money for mental health research.

Walk (or run!) 20, 40, 60, 100 or 277 kilometres during Mental Health Month in October. Why 277kms? Because 277 people die from suicide every month in Australia.

You can achieve this goal as a team or as individuals (we can also set up teams within teams for you, just ask us).

By walking during Mental Health Month, your team will be joining a community of incredible people walking in solidarity for Australians impacted by mental illness and suicide.

Register your workplace today and join the biggest walk for mental health!

For any questions or queries about how to get involved, contact our Partnerships team.

Register your workplace

Register your workplace for One Foot Forward to stay connected, improve staff health and wellbeing, and support mental health research. Register now and then invite your staff and colleagues to join the challenge!

Benefits of taking part in One Foot Forward

Register your workplace for One Foot Forward and you'll engage your staff, improve employee health and wellbing, stay connected and become part of the conversation around mental health in the workplace.

Engaging your staff.

Invite your organisation to come together this October and take part in something new and exciting. Together, they'll become part of the mental health community, have fun with colleagues and challenge each other.

Improving employee health and wellbeing, by encouraging your staff to get up and walking!

The last year has been exceptionally hard on individual mental health, and physical exercise is so important to staying happy, healthy and positive! Your staff will love doing something that makes them feel great.

Become part of the conversation around mental health in the workplace.

Mental illness costs the Australian economy $12billion per year in reduced productivity and sickness related to mental health issues. Taking part in One Foot Forward is a fantastic way to change the conversation and encourage your staff to take their mental health seriously.

Keeping your team connected even while working from afar!

While much of Australia is still working from home, it's so important to keep your staff communicating and connected. Taking part in shared challenge is a great way to do this!

You and your team will get a FREE Lanyard! 

When you register or join a workplace, you'll be able to claim an exclusive One Foot Forward Lanyard.* These lanyards are exclusive to our workplace community as a sign of your commitment to taking One Foot Forward for mental health. 

*Limited stock available

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Create your team and choose your fundraising target to achieve during Mental Health Month.

2. Challenge your colleagues

Invite your colleagues or employees to create a team and encourage some healthy competition this October!

3. Walk

Walk 277 kms this October for the 277 Australians who die from suicide every month. Log your kms walked on your personal fitness tracker!

Your impact

The funds we raise from One Foot Forward will support research into early detection, prevention and treatment
of mental health disorders, as well as funding vital support services for those most at risk.

Your support helps us fund vital support services such as:


iBobbly is a social and emotional wellbeing self-help app for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youths.


BITE BACK is the first online positive psychology program designed to improve the overall wellbeing and resilience of young Australians.

COVID-19 Resources

Our mental health resources and support tools provide basic advice for Australian’s looking for guidance.

Meet the team

Our Partnerships team will be with you every step of the way this October to help you reach your fundraising goal and raise fund for life-saving mental health research.

We’ll provide you with resources to help you spread the word and be in touch regularly to support you, in whatever way you need!

Plus, every corporate participant will get a One Foot Forward lanyard to walk proudly in this October.


Tasman Cassim

Tasman is passionate about bringing the For Purpose and For Profit sectors together to drive shared value and real change to Australia’s mental health landscape.


Anna Hamilton

Anna is a highly energised mental health advocate with a talent for project management. She is driven to create connections between corporate partners and positive mental health progression.


Bianca Lockley

Having recently made the change from corporate sector to not-for-profit, Bianca is passionate about advocating mental health and excited to drive mutually beneficial partnerships to help open this important conversation around Mental Health.


Katherine Holeyman

With a background in mental health and suicide prevention in the UK and Australia, Kat is dedicated to challenging any stigmas that exist around mental illness, so that we can create a mentally healthier world for everyone.


Fleur Woods

Fleur has a passion for building strong mental health communities through events, partnerships and philanthropy. She’s motivated to help change the perception and make an impact within the mental health space in Australia.

"After spending most of 2020 apart, One Foot Forward was a great way to celebrate our ongoing partnership with BDI and bring our team together, united in support of people experiencing mental illness."

Eliza Nolan, Communications & Project Manager, General Pants Co.

Get started

Sign your team up now, or get in touch with our Partnerships team who can help you set up your team and get started with your One Foot Forward challenge.

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