Not sure where to get started with your fundraising for mental health?

We’re here to help. Scroll down for some tips and ideas to get things started or check out the resources you can use to spread the word about your challenge here.

Tips and ideas

Join the One Foot Forward
Facebook Group

Click here to join the One Foot Forward Facebook group to meet other members of the One Foot Forward community, get fundraising ideas, training tips and support throughout your challenge!

Personalise your profile

Upload a profile picture to your page so your friends can find you! Snap a selfie, share your story and tell your friends why you’re walking this October for mental health.

Sponsor yourself

Back yourself by making a donation to yourself. You’ll set the bar for how much other people donate, so be generous! Don’t forget every donation gets you closer to unlocking some awesome rewards.

Ask your friends

Don’t be afraid to ask for support. We’ve created a bunch of email templates you can use to ask you friends for support, they’re even personalised just for you! Simply select a template here and forward it to your contacts. Easy peasy! Don’t forget to thank your donors after.

Spread the word

You’re doing something incredible this October, so shout it from the rooftops! People who share their challenge on social media raise twice as much, so what are you waiting for? You can share your page to Facebook directly from your dashboard or use these social resources on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to tell everyone that you are walking for mental health.

Tracey's tips

Tracey's Tips

Tracey has taken part in One Foot Forward for 4 years, and she generously share her fundraising tips with our community.

"It's natural to want people to donate to such a wonderful cause like mental health. Here are my tips on how to spread the word about your One Foot Forward challenge:

  • Build connections by sharing social posts in the FB group and on your personal pages about your 'why'; your background (as much as you feel comfortable sharing); your progress throuhgout the month; the tracks you walk; the scenery you see; the photos prompted in the daily challenges; how exhausted you are; how excited you are; your new shoes; your new hat; your walking buddies etc.

  • Use the same hashtags on every post. Examples include #onefootforward #blackdoginstitute #movingformentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness as examples. Don't use obscure hashtags unless you are intending it to be funny. People won't ever look up #gladitwasrainingsoicouldrecover.

  • Interact with people on social media. On your profile, on friends’ profiles, in your favourite groups and in messenger. Social media loves this and will reward you by showing your posts to more people. Chat about everything not just this challenge.

  • Consistency is key. Post regularly and often. Maybe one general post that you would normally do and then one about any of the ideas suggested above. Keep people updated and they'll start looking forward to your posts and follow you on the journey to reach your goals.

  • The fb don’ts - Don't feel like you need to share your link every time you post about it, comment on your own post first or overload your post with too much information. 

And if you try all this and still don't get many donations, that's ok. Keep posting. Keep being you. Donations are important but this challenge is also about supporting those with mental health issues. You may just be helping someone without even knowing it. Good luck."

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It's your Random Act of Kindness badge, and it can be unlocked by making a Random Act of Kindness Donation! All Random Act of Kindness Donations are randomly allocated to a fundraiser who has raised $0.

One Foot Forward is all about coming together to form an incredible community walking in solidarity this October. And what better way to show some love to your community than by helping someone kickstart their fundraising to get that bit closer to their fundraising goal. 

Your badge will be unlocked once you have made a donation.

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