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My target 1000 kms

I’m walking to support mental health research, prevention, and treatment

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

In fact, every day in Australia, 8 people will die from suicide.

With the current pandemic, this has been accentuated.

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

This October, I’ll be walking to make a difference to the lives of people touched by mental illness and suicide! I hope to reach my target of 1000 kms.

I'm fundraising to raise money for life-changing research into treatment and prevention of mental illness, as well as vital support services. 

It would mean so much to me if you'd support my walk this October.

My Achievements

My Updates

Day 30

Friday 30th Oct
Second last day and kicked into going for as many walks as possible before this finishes. No massive walks, but a few decent ones. Was hoping to do a super Saturday to finish this off, but given the forecasts are for storms all day, I'm not sure I'll get that much done to finish off. But having said that my preliminary calc for today means I've done 1111km, which was a little cool to finish the day on!

Day 29

Thursday 29th Oct
The rain came back today and looks like will be hanging around until the end of the month. But it was okay this morning, as it wasn't any more than drizzle.

But the team has continued to power on, with a number of people continuing to raise funds, reach km targets, and raise km targets to attract more sponsors. As a team we are now over $42k raised as a team. What an amazing effort!!

Day 28

Thursday 29th Oct
Overcast, but no rain this Wednesday morning! First time in a while. Didn't get a chance to really get out too much in the morning though. But saw my wild turkey tending to his mound on the way out and on the way home. He was busy, trying to impress the ladies!

But managed to get stuck in after work. Not because I needed to get some km to reach a target, but because I've really got into getting out and about.

Day 27

Tuesday 27th Oct
Third day in a row the rain clouds have been my partner during my morning walk. Thankfully this morning was more drizzle than rain, so I was keen to push to try to get to my km target this morning!

I wasn't exactly sure, but decided to take an extra turn on my way home and thankfully I did because it was enough to get me to 1000km for the month! I MADE IT!!!!!!!

I enjoyed this beautiful wine with dinner to mark the achievement of 1000km.

Day 26

Monday 26th Oct
Cold, wet and windy. Not a pleasant day to be getting out and about. This morning's walk was the most unpleasant for the month, given there was no respite from the weather for the couple of hours I was out there walking. All my wet weather gear just wasn't up for it today either as water seeped through seams, gaps, and openings, such that there wasn't anything that was dry by the time I called it quits after 11km. Drowned rat!

Weather forecasts look wet for the rest of the day so that will probably be it for today.

Edit: Just updating that I did end up going for a couple of quick walks after work. Just cherry picking the least heavy bits that the radar was showing. Only a little bit of drizzle as opposed to the persistent rain from the morning

Day 25

Monday 26th Oct
Didn't have the time to get a lot of walking done today. Made it out in the rain in the morning but pushed it past 950km, so with less than a week left, I should be able to get to the 1000km goal relatively comfortably.

Happy birthday N!

Day 24

Saturday 24th Oct
Another awesome day. Two amazing donations from community strangers. Then a great walk with the family and my sister and nephew around Lake Parramatta. 

Now drinking great beers with my best mate. Adding the calories for tomorrow's walking. Loving this with T&C.

Blown away!

Saturday 24th Oct
Blown away this morning, by two donations from complete strangers! 

The first was someone that I've crossed paths walking fairly frequently in the last few weeks. We had a quick chat this morning and she found out what I was doing and asked for the link. We then went on our ways, but within a couple hundred metres, I got a notification of a new donation. Amazing response. Thank you Belinda.

The second came from someone else in the community. I've now found out that he has seen me out and about and was impressed with the sheer distance I committed and have achieved in my walking. Again amazing contribution! Thank you Brad.

Day 23

Friday 23rd Oct
I walked into work today and on the way in I got an email from someone I deal with every once in a while. He saw I was doing One Foot Forward and wanted to contribute and asked for some details. Fairly soon after I responded with the link and what I was up to Roger Currie from Risk Solutions came back with a great donation. So thankful as it will make a big difference to this cause. Thanks again Roger, it made my day.

While at work I managed to thank a few colleagues that donated to the cause, with a double magnum of wine that we shared. Was great to catch up with them given the separation we have had with COVID driven working from home.

Day 22

Friday 23rd Oct
I woke up and realised that with ten days left in the month, if I reverted back to my normal morning walks, prior to the start of One Foot Forward, I'd get pretty close to accumulating 1000km for the month! The ridiculousness of that sunk in and decided that would be fantastic to get to. So irrespective of raising any more money that is the personal goal now!

Day 21

Friday 23rd Oct
After reaching my km target, I took it easy for the rest of the day. Almost at a loss with what to do with myself, but felt proud of my achievement. 


Wednesday 21st Oct
After this morning's walk I've finally made it to the walking target! It could still move given it is tethered to the dollars raised, but as of now I'm on 835km. It feels fantastic to have made it!

Day 20

Tuesday 20th Oct
Morning rain constantly was a battle, but just kept going and eventually got plenty of km done. Also managed plenty during the evening so smashed through the 800km mark and within touching distance of my target. Hoping to get there in the morning before work!

Day 19

Tuesday 20th Oct
Coming to almost 3 weeks  through. It rained incessantly during my morning walk but kept going and got to 750km and 1 million steps so far this month. I'm within reach of the finish line!

Day 18

Sunday 18th Oct
Slept in this morning, well slept in more than I have this month, so time was limited in my normal morning walk. But we made it out to Homebush today for a wander down the river. Picture is the start of the walk.

My target is now up to 834km given a large donation this morning. But having made a few extra walks this afternoon, I'm now at 100km left, so it is all coming very close to getting to the final goal!

Day 17

Saturday 17th Oct
Still excited about the support from Alinta. Posted it on the One Foot Forward FB group and a few hundred positive responses within a couple of hours was amazing!

So the excitement pushed me to reach another distance milestone and have reached 700km tonight. A bit over a hundred km left, unless I continue to get more donations. 

If that actually happens, I'm stopping at 930km, or 30km a day!

Day 16

Saturday 17th Oct
Excitedly announced yesterday about Alinta matching our team's fundraising up to $20k. Given how amazing this team has gone to date and in order to facilitate getting the support as soon as possible, Alinta has fast tracked the processing and made the full $20k donation straight to our team page! I am gobsmacked that I'm over $8k and the team is almost $38k

Day 15

Thursday 15th Oct
I thought today would be a normal day. I knew I'd get to a milestone so not really that normal but am proud of getting to 600km. But the reality is that is so insignificant compared to what else happened today.

Having gone through a number of channels and lobbying of some sort from work, today that support came through! Alinta's Community Grant Committee voted positive for our request for some financial support. As such Alinta has agreed to match dollar for dollar everything that our team fund raises up to $20k. Given we were at $16.5k that was a massive uplift in everything that we have been doing. Really happy that the company I work for saw it fit to see the contribution my team mates and myself have earned, was worth something to support as well. 

Day 14

Wednesday 14th Oct
Today was my lowest km total since this started. But that was a good thing, because I knew it was time to slow down a bit, but it was also driven by the time travelling to and from work that meant that my normal walking time was reduced.

Having said that I still managed 28km so I was still accumulating towards my target, with 164km left, so shouldn't be a problem.

Day 13

Wednesday 14th Oct
Another good day. I was planning to take it easier from now, but was still always going out for my early morning walk. Came across my usual array of turkeys and sulphur crested cockatoos.

But after accumulating a decent number of kms I could see I was within touching distance of 550 so had reasonable pre and post dinner walks to get there.

At this stage less that 200km to go!

Day 12

Monday 12th Oct
So I reached a walking milestone today. After 12 days on this fundraiser, I've reached 676236 steps, 99 active hours, and 512km. Breaching my very first target of 500km within 12 days was really not expected. Especially given I don't really have any physical issues from punishing my body for 12 days. What a ride it has been so far, and I've loving everything about it other than the shear time involved.

Thanks for all of your support.

Day 11

Monday 12th Oct
This was a perfect day to go for walks. Clear and sunny and temperature wasn't out of control. But being the day before council clean up I had the added obstacle of a heap of cars, vans, and utes cruising the streets, I'm walking, searching for junk to collect. 

Irrespective, still managed a good number of kms.

Day 10 - World Mental Health Day

Sunday 11th Oct
World Mental Health Day and hopefully the increasing awareness of Mental health being viewed at the same level of importance as physical health is going to make a difference going forward. 

I've also uploaded a few photos on the team gallery of you are interested.

Another good day accumulating kms and steps. I broke through the 400km mark and am still feeling really good. Also managed to get out for a brief after dinner stroll with the family!

Day 9

Saturday 10th Oct
Not much to report from this day. Still accumulated some kms, but had to get back early from my morning walk because I had to wait for NBN technician, who didn't turn up until the end of their potential window. Made up for it with a walk after work and pre-dinner, and then another walk after dinner. Have managed to make it past half way for my km target!

Day 8

Thursday 8th Oct
What an amazing day! And I've already posted twice about this, but I can't thank enough Rob Johnson for his contribution to this cause. Such a uplifting feeling seeing this come through. Because it was such a big donation, it has notionally added to my km target, but "within reason", so will go for the additional 107km, but I'll see what is realistic. Either way what a massive difference this makes. So as I indicated yesterday, will not push as hard as I have been going, but now I'm still super charged to make this happen!

Loving this cause!

Km to Miles

Thursday 8th Oct
With TFS' contribution, and in line with my commitment that means another 100km to the target given how much Rob donated. I think I can get there but still clinging to the caveat of "within reason".

TFS, so fantastic

Thursday 8th Oct
Thanks to Rob Johnson at TFS. I can't believe the massive contribution you have made to this cause. I've always thought that you were a fantastic bloke, but this takes it to a new level. Thanks again!

Day 7 - 1 Week done!

Wednesday 7th Oct
Another big day, with the threat of rain for the entire day. In the end there wasn't anything more than a few spots of water early this morning or this evening when I did most of my walking.

As I indicated in previous blog posts, I had planned to go hard in this first week to give me flexibility for the rest of the month. I had thought that I would get a decent bank of kms, but what I have achieved to date has shocked me a little.

As of tonight I've managed to just creep over 300km, and just short of 400k steps, in 1 week! So I know I no longer need to push quite as hard for the rest of the month. But given my immense pleasure of being a part of this cause, we will see what happens!

Loving all of your support, feeling good, but there are still plenty of kms to go!


Day 6

Wednesday 7th Oct
So day 6 was a very big day. I continue to push hard with my kms in an obsessive drive to make sure that I won't need to play catch up later in the month. I had decided to clock up as many kms in the first week and then re-evaulate from there. And at this rate, I'm doing a lot better than I thought possible.

It included my morning walk, a meeting walk, daylight saving walk, and then to cap it off, my last hockey game of the season, which we won on a converted corner after the final whistle. A long but fantastic day!

Day 5

Monday 5th Oct
So had another really good day, except for my NBN issues. Morning walk was delayed due to my body still adjusting to daylight saving switch. But still managed to continue banking extra distance in case of a disaster. The walking was broken up by a magnificent visit to the Van Gogh Alive! exhibit, and well worth going if you can while it is in Sydney.

In the end I managed to fit in multiple walks today and maintained my fairly hard initial rate to make it to about a third of my current distance target and tip over the 200km mark!

I'm so enjoying this challenge and even managed to drag the kids out for my final evening wander, taking advantage of the evening light before sunset, with photo attached.

Next Distance Promise

Monday 5th Oct
G'day all, I'm still amazed at the unbelieveably generous donations from everyone. However, as added incentive for people to reach out, if I get to my target of $6200, which is $10 per km I'm challenging myself to walk, then every $10 after that I'll add an additional km until the end of October, obviously within reason!

Day 4

Monday 5th Oct
I've previously indicated my concern that the La Nina might take hold and cause relentless rain. But after my lunchtime walk in the heat and beating sun I'm now thinking a bit of rain might have some appeal.

But I still managed a good number of kms and adding to my additional bank above my minimum required. After 4 days I've done 165km. Still plenty to go. 

Day 3

Sunday 4th Oct
This was a massive day for me in terms of walking. I almost made it to 48km in total for the day, and clearly a massive increase in my record for daily steps, with just short of 65k steps. Was a good day and rewarded with a fantastic wine and dinner. Still feeling strong!

100km done!

Saturday 3rd Oct
This morning's walk didn't have time constraints due to work, so I took my time with less of a power walking feel about it and wandered a few more kms than the previous two mornings with 23km. This has now taken my total just over 100km. Feeling good and energised!

Day 2

Friday 2nd Oct
Another awesome day. Early morning wander, but this time with no storm and no magpies attacking. Managed to do plenty this morning and got a few random wanders as well as a good one after dinner. Still planning to go hard for this first week to build up a big km bank just in case.

But the really weird thing for me is that the FB group post that Nicole put up has had so many likes and a few fantastic donations, but I've been noticed on my walks twice today and such positive supportive feedback from total strangers. Such a good feeling that people think that what I think is so important is also resonating with strangers as well.

One Foot Forward. Plus many more!

Day 1

Thursday 1st Oct
So today was the first day of walking for One Foot Forward and what a day it was. I woke up early and started my journey. Starting in darkness and was then hit with a massive storm 15 minutes in, before it cleared and was just windy. But it didn't matter the adrenalin and endorphins were flowing through my system and I was powering through the steps. With 30m left of my morning 20km walk, a magpie had the pleasure of swooping at my head three times, but even that couldn't dampen the mood. Add a lunch time walk, dinner shopping walk, and post dinner walk and I've record almost 35km in the first day. Add to that about 3km of incidental walking and I'm well on my way to the 620. Along the way I continued to get new donors. So I continue to be amazed at people's response. Such a good first day, and thank you to all.

Another milestone!

Wednesday 30th Sep
I can't believe the last contribution from Billy. It means that my last fundraising goal has been smashed! Also, as promised, this means that my walking commitment has now increased to 620km.

It all starts tomorrow and I'm raring to go.

Thanks everyone for you support so far

Almost there

Tuesday 29th Sep
A couple more days before I start recording my walking. I have indicated that if I get to $4000 in donations, I'll up my kms by another 2km per day to a total of 620km for October! Only $163 more to go.

Target Distance Upgrade

Wednesday 23rd Sep
So I indicated on my fundraising blog that if I reached my fundraising goal of $3,500, I would consider uplifting the distance that I'm aiming to walk. Ken decided to lob in a massive donation to take me over the limit so as promised I'm going to uplift my walking challenge, by a bit more than 10% at 58km further for the month. So my new target is 558kms for October, which may seem like an odd number but was chosen to up the kms per day to 18km every day! In fact if I reach my revised fundraising goal of $4,000, then I promise to uplift this again!

Donation Challenge

Monday 21st Sep
If you are looking at my page and haven't donated yet, here is some further incentive. If I can get to my latest fundraising target, I'll increase the distance challenge for my walking. Haven't decided by how much yet, but let's see if the funds get there quickly or slowly. Also open to suggestions.


Rain was fine

Sunday 20th Sep
I woke up this morning, knowing that it was suppose to be raining. I wanted to test out going for a walk in the rain, in case October just rains relentlessly, which it could given the La Nina developing!

On went the waterproof boots, waterproof pants, and water resistant jacket, and off I went. Success, by the time I got home my hair was wet, but the rest of me stayed dry, so I think I can manage venturing out every day in the rain if I had to!

Rain, Hail or Shine

Friday 18th Sep
So this morning I woke up early and did a trial walk for the average kms that I need to hit every day in October to achieve my 500km target. Pacing was a bit all over the place, but it was great getting out and about. If I was in Melbourne I would have broken the curfew, and been out for too long, but stayed within the 5km radius of my house.

Every day, Rain, Hail or Shine!

Continue to be surprised

Wednesday 16th Sep
I'm still in shock at the ongoing generosity of people for this cause. Given the level of support, I'm considering increasing my challenge on the km target as well!

Amazed with the response

Friday 11th Sep
I so underestimated people's generosity in this space. I really appreciate everyone's contribution. This is the second time I've upped the fundraising target!

Upped the Target

Thursday 10th Sep
Amazing effort from people so far, that my initial fundraising target has been destroyed in 1 afternoon. So I've doubled it to $1000. But won't be doubling my km walk target!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rob Johnson

Good luck and thank you so much for all the support!!


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Good job! I am obviously so proud of you.


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17km a day ! keep up tohe good work


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Great cause, well done! I hope you and your family are all safe from the virus



Top work Ngo! Raising some serious cash for great cause.


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Great cause Anthony. All the best for the walk too.


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An amazing cause and a great time of year to be generous! (pay week this week :P). Good luck and if anyone can get to'll be you!!!


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This is a really good thing you are doing here. All the best, cousin!


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I’m sure you’ll clock up 500km in just one week!! Enjoy!



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