Rachel Lee

My walk is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Stone

Rachel Lee


I’m walking in solidarity this October for Australians affected by mental illness and suicide and forever remembering Daniel. You are not alone.

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Support My Walk for Mental Health Research

Did you know that 1 in 5 people experience symptoms of mental illness each year?

In fact, every day in Australia, 9 people will die by suicide.

Mental illness can be debilitating and can have a devastating impact on not only those living with it, but those around them. 

This October, I’ll be taking part in One Foot Forward to help reduce the impact of mental illness and suicide.

I'm walking to raise funds for Black Dog Institute, so that they can put ground-breaking new mental health treatment, education, and digital services into the hands of the people who need them most.

It would mean so much to me if you donated to support my walk.

Together, we can create better mental health for all Australians.

My Updates

19th of Sept

I have been blessed through MP Chris Crewther sharing about the One Foot Forward challenge on facebook and have also finished an interview with Ailish D from 7news.com.au.

I hope that through this story, that there is a seed of hope. I feel that Daniel didn't ever realise he was worthy of hope, of help and of this kind of attention. I hope through these news stories and through my participation in the One Foot Forward challenge, that the person who needs to read this... does.

R U Ok day 14 of Sept

It seems fitting to have spoken today to Brielle (journalist) from news.com.au about my lived experience, Daniel, the One Foot Forward challenge and Black Dog Institute. The sun was shining outside and I sat and enjoyed the blue skies and the warmth of the sun as I chatted about Daniel how I remember him.

8th Sept

Today, my lived experience has been shared on the One Foot Forward page. I wish it was a story I didn't have to share (as in we still had Daniel with us) but I hope that in having shared it, that it will help someone else. Bless you all. xx

4th of Sept

We've smashed and doubled my first goal of $1k and I am hoping somehow that we can push a little further to $2500. 

If $1 can support more than 1 person with suicidal thoughts. Imagine what a bit more can do.

So much love to you all. xxx

Updated goal

Two days ago, I set a Sept challenge and we have already smashed it. Sitting > $1500! I have decided to update my goal to $2k. We are only $316 off this new goal. I am so proud of everyone - donors, walking buddies and those who have offered best wishes, <3

Aug fundraising mini challenge met

I had proposed on my social media a challenge to meet $1300 by the end of August. Thanks to two donors yesterday, we are now at $1350! Let's keep going and keep making a huge difference. 

Aug 19th Update

It's been an interesting and amazing week and a bit. I was interviewed by Black Dog Institute in regard to my lived story. The story has been requested to use for the One Foot Forward Campaign. I also spoke to MP David Limbrick who is going to promote the challenge and also join me for a walk in October. I feel grateful for these opportunities.


We've already reached my target fundraising goal but I hope we can push the total donation amount further. I received an email from OFF saying that $1000 means 1286 people with suicidal thoughts reached. That is a huge amount of people to be able to help. I still fully believe that if one person is helped, we have won. Imagine if we could keep providing sources for even more people who may have been in Daniel's shoes (or similar shoes). Bless you all. xx


We are off to an amazing start for this year's fundraising. I also want to thank those who have provided encouraging words and also have offered to join me on some of my walking adventures in October.

I have Daniel on my mind a lot this week. In the rainbows and butterflies. 


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Inspiring and a lovely way to remember and help others. Proud of you.




Tim Read

Great effort for a great cause, Rachel. Best of luck!


Janet Rice

Good on you and thanks Rachel for doing this. Very happy to support you and the Black Dog Institute


Suzanne North


Sonya Kilkenny

Thank you for your inspiration and your care and compassion Rachel.




Sarah Cornell

Love you Rachel xx


Vo2 Express

Daniel would be so proud of you


Chris Toth

Happy Birthday and Happy Training


Sarah Cornell

Woohoo, you hit your next goal :)


Chris Crewther

All the best Rachel. Well done on a lovely tribute for a worth cause.


Dunc, Bec, Maddy, Lachie


Jill & Bryan

From Bryan & Jill


Amanda Cohn

What a wonderful way to honour the memory of your friend.


Brad Rowswell

All the best for your walk, Rachel. Best regards, Brad.


Katherine Copsey

Best of luck with your challenge and well done on your efforts to make a difference in memory of your friend.


Angie S

Stay strong! Thanks for all your effort, we appreciate you. Broski forever 💫 💙


Deborah Crombie

Over and above


Daniel Fitzgerald

This donation is on behalf of myself and Amber Barrile.


Gary Maas


Su Samarawickrama

For a very worthy cause


Jason Penfold

Always happy to support you honey xxxx



Such an admirable thing you're doing. Cheering you on and looking forward to reading your spotlight




Ava Lee




Kim Peters

You are amazing



Thank you for raising awareness for such an important matter that touches so many lives xx



Great work Rach and a wonderful cause x



Thank you for continuing to raise awareness whilst remembering Daniel x


Jessica And Ruby

Here's to another year my gorgeous O.F.F sister... together we are stronger, lets do this!


Edwina Privitera


Patrice Ray




Michael Hogeboom

Happy Birthday


Chrissy Dyall

You’re doing an amazing thing, we don’t have much to give but wanted to show our support 💜


Rachel Mason


Lyndal Potter



Great cause.





All the best x